Geometry Dash is now available Meltdown, the new application developed by RobTop that stands out because it adds exclusive levels not only the free version of Geometry Dash, but also to the full version of the game. It is important to clarify the levels that are added to the full version are not the same that are added to the Lite version, but actually is completely free new levels created by RobTop.


Play as a Geometry Dash Meltdown

In fact, the developer has already confirmed that three easy levels that have not been available in any other updates. At present these new levels have features that the game developer to add in Geometry Dash 2.1 update. Near the end of last November it was published the first picture on this feature in the image and the image of this package appears, on the other hand several icons available are also included, along with a message about the levels that are free and included.During that same month also made the announcement that it will be a new application with 3 levels that will be new and free, the names of those levels are “The seven seas”, “Viking Arena” and “Airborne Robots” with a difficulty easy, medium and difficult. It is also important to say that included new game modes, in addition to those mentioned levels which apparently will be quite easy compared to the traditional game levels.
Much has been said about this new version of Geometry Dash, and finally we will be able to play completely free and it is available for download for both mobile and PC platforms. So it is said that you can now download Geometry Dash Meltdown from December 19 if both Android and iOS are even user PC. No doubt this is one of the most popular games today and new levels and features to be added is great news for all fans of the game.

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